Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas Magic

Materials Needed

Mirella's Tag Template 17 HERE
  The tubes I used is the gorgeous artwork of Joan Pelaez
In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM.

Scrap Kit Lilac Christmas from Baby Cakes at SCRAPPETIZING
Xero plugin which is a free plugin available HERE

Open template 17, duplicate and close the original
Delete layer 8
Increase your canvas size to around 600 and flood fill raster 1 with white.
This will give you some extra room to work, you can always crop later.
Following my example in the tag select each of the layers with the magic wand
and paste papers of your choosing as new layers. Resize the papers if you wish to
show certain areas. The only layers you do not want to replace are the white
background layer and the white 'frame' layers.
I used papers 3, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, and for the uppermost layer (raster 7)
I used paper 5 resized to 40% to have the tree as the focal point.
Delete the template layers as you go.
I then added a blurred drop shadow to each layer to give the tag some depth.
Open bcs_sleigh_two, copy and paste as a new layer, resize 35%. Rotate - free rotate - left 4.00
and then sharpen (I used unsharp mask) to give it back it's glitz. Add drop shadow.
Select the Girl Only layer of your tube, copy and paste onto your template.
Resize 90% and position as desired. I also moved the circle layer of the template
just a touch at this stage to get the tag how I wanted it.
I also recolored the tube as this is allowed under CILM's terms with it being
a black and white image.
Adjust - color balance - manual color correction.
Choose a shade of the grey in the source box and a lilac shade in the target box
I used #d9d9d9 as source and #dcd7ed as target
Effects - plugins - zero - Porcelain. These are the settings i chose.

Add drop shadow
Now you can choose what other elements you want to add to the tag.
I used bcs_bells, bcs_poinsettia, bcs_silver_ball and bcs_word_art_two.
Position as desired, you can use my example as a guide.
  You will need to resize them so sharpen them if they need it and add drop shadows.
I erased areas of the string on bcs_silver_ball so it appears wrapped around
the paper layer.

Add your copyright info, watermark etc and your text
The font I used was aka Frivolity, with a drop shadow and then gradient glow
in a shade of pale lilac. And thats all you need to do!

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