Saturday, 18 September 2010

Mon Beau Jardin

No tut today but I do have a Layout for you instead.
I created this page using a pretty kit called Mon Beau Jardin
created by Kissed By Pix 

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Athena's Dream Tutorial

I used the beautiful Athena's Dream kit
by Digicats available exclusively HERE

Font used was used akaFrivolity available Here  

Open a new image 600x600. I flood filled white so I could see what I was doing
and then deleted the white layer later to save as a PNG.

Open DCD_AtDr_Frame06 resize 60% and rotate 90 degrees so it is running horizontal
Using your magic wand select inside the frame and then modify, expand 20

Open a paper of choice I used DCD_AtDr_Paper12 resize it and position to suit and paste beneath the frame layer. Invert selection and delete to get rid of the paper outside the frame.

Add drop shadow to the frame to give it some depth.

I then placed DCD_AtDr_Aurora01 below the frame layer and using a large eraser with a
low opacity setting slightly erased its straight edges to give it a softer appearance.

Open DCD_AtDr_Ladder resize, position on the tag so the top strings line up on the frame and the bottom hangs out over the frame edge.

DCD_AtDr_Rainbow01 resize and position so it comes out over the right side of the frame.

add DCD_AtDr_Tree resize by 80% and position just outside the frame on the right side of the tag

Add a tube of your choice or use one of the great posers 
(©Sinful Mindz) included in the kit.
I chose sm_eternal1_3 and positioned it over on the right so it places the
tube in front of the tree.
Between the tube and tree layers I placed DCD_AtDr_Butterflies02 resized 60%.
position best to fit with your tube position.

Place DCD_AtDr_Wildflowers in front of the tube resizing to suit.

Of course you can decorate your tag as you wish but I chose the following elements: DCD_AtDr_Sun
DCD_AtDr_Dove mirrored and rotated
DCD_AtDr_Drops duplicated and erased to give the impression 
it is wrapped round the frame.
DCD_AtDr_Flower Border recolored with a blue shade from the paper.

All elements were given appropriate drop
Add copyright info and text.
Save your tag and you're done :)