Sunday, 27 December 2009

Holding The Future

I used the scrapkit Gold Christmas Joy 
from Pspgirl available from Scrappetizing
I also used the beautiful artwork of Unholy Vault
You need a license to use this tube available from MPT 
Font used is Mr Lackboughs
Mask is Artmama Mask 08 available HERE

Open a new image 600x600, flood fill white
Open Pspgirl_GoldChristmasJoy_Paper12
duplicate and resize to 75%, paste as a new layer
Layers new mask layer from image making sure invert is checked.
Merge group then merge visible.
Open Pspgirl_GoldChristmasJoy_Element21 and position
at the top of the tag, duplicate, flip, merge down.
Duplicate and rotate 90 degrees, merge down 
and add a drop shadow.
Pspgirl_GoldChristmasJoy_Element51, paste as a new layer.
Add a small drop shadow.
resize 50% twice and sharpen.
resize 50% twice and sharpen and flip.
Add drop shadows and position using my tag as a guide.
Paste your tube and add a drop shadow.
Add any copyright information and your watermark.
Add text and position as desired.
Locate the layer for Pspgirl_GoldChristmasJoy_Element51
Mine was layer 3 and duplicate twice
Select the top one of these layers Add noise Gaussian, Monochrome, 30%
Next layer repeat noise at 40%
New layer repeat noise at 50%
Close off 2 of these duplicated layers leaving the top one open
copy merged and paste into AS as a new animation
Close that layer, open the next and copy merged, pasting after current frame
Repeat for the bottom noise layer.
Check your animation and if you are happy save your tag!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Lets Get This Party Started

For this tut I used the absolutely beautiful kit
Happy New Year from Heaven Dreams
available at SCRAPPETIZING

I also used the lovely artwork of Keith Gravey
You need a license to use this tube available from MPT 
Font used is Alex Brush 

Open a new image of 700 x 700.
I like starting big to aid with the placement
and then resize later lol.
Open paper HD_Happy_New_Year_paper08_tgs
and paste as a new layer.

Now this tut is so simple and you can use any elements
you like to get it how you want but I used these ones.
All were resized and sharpened using the unsharp mask
Radius 1, Strength 75 and Clipping 1

HD_Happy_New_Year_element_26_tgs rotated 40 degrees left
Also of course add your tube and position as desired
you can use my example as a guide.
Add drop shadows to all your elements and the tube.
I used various settings to give the tag a bit of depth.

Once you have all your elements placed as you want them
crop the additional space from around the tag but leave 
a bit of room for the frame so that it wont 
cut into your elements.
I used Edge Design 01 which is built into psp 9.
If you find it does cut into the elements undo it and undo the 
crop until you get it where you need it.

Merge visible and Resize the tag if it is still 
too big for your tastes.
Add your copyright information and watermark.
For the text I used Alex Brush 60pt and added a drop shadow
using these settings H1, V1, Opacity 40 and Blur 2

Then add Eye candy 4000 Gradient glow using these settings
along with a gold color tone from the paper I used #e7e088

Export your tag as a jpg and you are done.

Friday, 11 December 2009


For this tut I used the gorgeous kit Let it Snow
from Crazed's Creations. You can get it at SCRAPPETIZING

Template #18 from Ali available HERE

I also used the gorgeous artwork of Elias Chatzoudis
You need a license to use this tube which is available from MPT
Open the template, copy and close the original.
Delete layers DBA, Rantangle1 and Rectangle 2
we won't be needing those.
With your magic wand click on the large circle layer
Open paper Crazeds_papers10_LIST resize 65% and paste as a 
new layer. Invert selection, delete. 
Select none and delete the large circle layer.
With your magic wand again, Mode Add(shift), 
select each of the photo layers.  
The selections will join up but thats ok.
Open Crazeds_papers6_LIST, resize 75% paste as a new layer. 
Position the paper so the whole selection is covered. 
Invert, delete.
Delete the 3 photo layers and then drag the paper layer 
below all the frame layers.
Clicking each frame layer in turn adjust - color balance - manual color correction. Put black as the source color and change the target box to a light color from the paper. I used #ccdef2. Add a drop shadow to each frame layer. I used 1, 1, 30, 20.
Increase your canvas size to give you room to work
and add a new layer, flood fill white and drag to the bottom.

Copy and paste your tube resizing as needed. Add the same drop shadow as before.
Now add your elements, I used: Crazeds_sign1_LIST, Crazeds_tree3_LIST, Crazeds_bird2_LIST, Crazeds_bells2_LIST. Resize as needed and add your shadows.
I also used Crazeds_snowflakes1_LIST and resized to fit in the small frame on the right and duplicated for the center frame.
Once you are happy with the positioning, click on the circle layer. I moved mine a little as well. Selections - select all - float - defloat so that just the circle is selected.
Add 3 new layers above the circle layer.
Select the top one of these 3 new layers.
VDL Adrenaline - Snowflakes. Settings I used were
55, 0 20, 37, 38, basic snow and a random seed of 1.
Close off that layer, highlight the next one down and 
go to your plugin again changing only the random seed.
Repeat for the 3rd new layer.
Add your text and copyright info and watermark.
Crop off the excess space and resize if desired.

Now you are ready to copy over into AS.
Close off 2 of the snow layers, leaving the top one open.
Copy merged and paste in AS as a new animation.
Close the snow layer and open the next one down,
copy merged again and paste after current frame.
Repeat for the last snow layer.
Change your frame speeds if desired. I set mine on 20
Save your tag and you're done.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas Magic

Materials Needed

Mirella's Tag Template 17 HERE
  The tubes I used is the gorgeous artwork of Joan Pelaez
In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM.

Scrap Kit Lilac Christmas from Baby Cakes at SCRAPPETIZING
Xero plugin which is a free plugin available HERE

Open template 17, duplicate and close the original
Delete layer 8
Increase your canvas size to around 600 and flood fill raster 1 with white.
This will give you some extra room to work, you can always crop later.
Following my example in the tag select each of the layers with the magic wand
and paste papers of your choosing as new layers. Resize the papers if you wish to
show certain areas. The only layers you do not want to replace are the white
background layer and the white 'frame' layers.
I used papers 3, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, and for the uppermost layer (raster 7)
I used paper 5 resized to 40% to have the tree as the focal point.
Delete the template layers as you go.
I then added a blurred drop shadow to each layer to give the tag some depth.
Open bcs_sleigh_two, copy and paste as a new layer, resize 35%. Rotate - free rotate - left 4.00
and then sharpen (I used unsharp mask) to give it back it's glitz. Add drop shadow.
Select the Girl Only layer of your tube, copy and paste onto your template.
Resize 90% and position as desired. I also moved the circle layer of the template
just a touch at this stage to get the tag how I wanted it.
I also recolored the tube as this is allowed under CILM's terms with it being
a black and white image.
Adjust - color balance - manual color correction.
Choose a shade of the grey in the source box and a lilac shade in the target box
I used #d9d9d9 as source and #dcd7ed as target
Effects - plugins - zero - Porcelain. These are the settings i chose.

Add drop shadow
Now you can choose what other elements you want to add to the tag.
I used bcs_bells, bcs_poinsettia, bcs_silver_ball and bcs_word_art_two.
Position as desired, you can use my example as a guide.
  You will need to resize them so sharpen them if they need it and add drop shadows.
I erased areas of the string on bcs_silver_ball so it appears wrapped around
the paper layer.

Add your copyright info, watermark etc and your text
The font I used was aka Frivolity, with a drop shadow and then gradient glow
in a shade of pale lilac. And thats all you need to do!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Snowy Ride

I used the cute kit Snow Friends from Crazed's Creations
which is available HERE
I aslo used the wonderful artwork of Molly Harrison.
In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM
Supplies - Scenery Mask and Snow Animation HERE
Font used is palace Script but any pretty script font will work.

Open paper7 in PSP, duplicate and close the original.
Paste Crazeds_frame1_SFT as a new layer.
Paste your tube as a new layer and position as desired.
Duplicate your frame layer and arrange layers so one frame layer is 
above the tube and the other is below the tube.
Select the top frame layer and erase any areas where you 
want the tube outside of the frame.
Add drop shadow to the tube and the bottom frame layer.

Crop excess paper from around the frame
Resize to 450 pixels wide.
Add a new layer and flood fill white, send to bottom.
With the paper layer selected, layers, new mask layer from image
and select Saphiere_GraphicDream_Mask_Castle_13.
Merge the group.
Using the rectangle selection tool draw a selection through the 
widest points of the star just like in screenshot.

Invert selection then delete. Erase any corners 
so the mask layer is totally inside the frame.

Add and arrange any elements of choice.
I used tree_SFT, sign2_SFT and bow3_SFT.
Dont forget to shadow as desired.

Add your text, watermark and copyright information.

To Animate:

To set your animation just like it is in my example above...
Close of all but the white layer and the mask layer,
copy merged and paste into animation shop.
Open the snow animation and duplicate the tag 
so you have the same number of frames (10).
Select the first frame on each animation, select all
then drag the snow animation onto the tag.

Back into PSP, close off the 2 background layers and 
copy merged the rest of the layers and paste into 
animation shop. Duplicate so there are 10 frames.
Select all and drag over onto the frames that already
have the background and snow in place.
Position carefully (undo drag if you mess up).
Save the tag and you are done.

If you prefer you can just copy over the tag complete and
put the snow frames on top of the tag frames.
That will give this result.

Saturday, 21 November 2009


I used the lovely kit Wintersong from Designs by Stina
which is available HERE
I aslo used the wonderful artwork of Gene Gonzales

In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM.

Additional Supplies Needed:
Mask from Gabbe available HERE
and a star tube if you want to animate

Open a new image 650 x 650
Flood Fill with white
Selections select all, add a new layer
Open paper of choice, I used DBS_Paper02, paste into selection
Select none
Layers - new mask layer - from image
I used gabeemask6, check invert mask data, apply and then merge group

Open DBS_Tree02, resize 70%, paste as a new layer
Add other elements of your choice, resizing as needed and don't forget to add drop shadows.
I used DBS_Gifts02 and DBS_Dove02

Add your tube of choice and move layer below the gifts layer and arrange as needed

Merge all and resize, then add copyright info and watermark

Add your text and merge all. Save it as is if you don't want to animate

To animate:

Duplicate layer twice so you have 3 layers
Using a star tube dot stars around on each layer where you want the twinkle to be
Use different sizes to add some variety.
Save the tag and open in Animation shop, select all frame and change the frame speed to about 30 view and if you are happy save it.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Fall Beauty

Kit used was Fall Fae made by JTs Designs.
It is available from SCRAPPETIZING.

I am also using the beautiful artwork of Jennifer Janesko.
In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM

I used Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow 
on the text but that is optional.

Open new image 650 x 650 transparent.
Open wreath 2 copy and paste as a new layer.
With your magic wand, click inside the wreath. 

Modify, expand by 20.
Paste paper 11 as a new layer below the wreath, 
Invert selection and delete
so the paper is just inside the wreath.

Add a drop shadow to the wreath. I used V6/H6/Opacity 30/Blur10
and then repeated with V-6/H-6.

Copy your tube of choice and paste as a 
new layer above your wreath layer.
Duplicate the tube and drag the duplicate below the wreath layer.
Select the top tube layer and erase the areas you 
dont want under and outside the wreath.

Then select the duplicated layer and remove 
anything visible outside the wreath.
Add a drop shadow to the bottom tube layer only.

Open swirl 2 and resize 75% twice. 
Paste as a new layer beneath your wreath layer
and position as desired. 
Add a drop shadow (I used V2/H2/Opacity 40/Blur4)
duplicate layer and mirror, merge the 2 swirl layers together and then
erase any parts of the swirl showing outside the wreath.

Open Wrap 1, resize 75% twice, add a drop shadow and then erase the edges so the wrap stops at the edge of the wreath. 
I found it easiest with the eraser set very large to soften the edges.

Add any other elements of your choosing.

Add your text with a drop shadow or do what i did and use Eye Candy 4000 gradient glow, making a gradient using colors from the tag. Add your copyright info and watermark, save a a PNG and you're done.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Kit used Cool Creatures Mini Kit 2 made by Jules Junk
available at SCRAPPETIZING
This great little kit costs just $1

Bling of choice. Mine came through a share group, if it is
yours please let me know so that I can credit you properly.

Open Jules-CC_K2_Frame2 duplicate and close the original
With the magic wand select inside the frame then expand the selection by 18
so that it lines up with the mid point of the frame.
Open a paper of your choice. I used Jules-CC_K2Paper2
Copy, paste as a new layer and drag below the frame layer.
Invert the selection and click delete on your keyboard so
the remaining paper fills the frame.

Open Jules-CC_K2_Tree and paste as a new layer beneath the frame.
Jules-CC_K2_Sammy and paste as a new layer also beneath the frame layer.
For positioning see my example.

Add drop shadows of your choosing to the elements.

Add your watermark/licencing info and your
text layer adding shadows as needed.

Close all layers except the paper layer and copy merged
paste into AS as a new animation.
Open your bling in AS

Duplicate the paper so it has the same number of frames as your bling.
Click on the first frame of each animation and select all
then drag the bling onto your paper positioning as required.

In PSP close off the paper layer and copy merged all the other layers
Paste into AS a new animation and duplicate so you have the
correct number of frames again. Click on frame 1, select all
and then drag onto your paper and bling animation taking care to
line it up correctly.

Save animation and you are done!

Cool Creature

Tag Created using the Cool Creatures 1 Mini Kit
by Jules Junk available at SCRAPPETIZING.
Another great kit available for just $1

Filter needed VDL Adrenaline Snowflakes HERE
although any filter that creates a snow effect will do.

Open Jules-CC_K1_Frame2 Duplicate and close original

Open Jules-CC_K1_Paper4 duplicate - resize 50% and paste as a new layer on frame.
Drag layer below frame. Lower the opacity to around 58.
Add a new layer below the paper layer and floodfill with white.
Merge the paper layer down onto the white layer.

Open Jules-CC_K1_Tree copy - paste as a new layer above paper and below frame.
Resize as needed all layers unchecked.

Add drop shadow of your choice. I used a blur of 27 on this one to add plenty of depth to the tag.

Open Jules-CC_K1_Polar copy and paste as a new layer above frame layer. Reszie 75% twice.

Using the raster deform tool, rotate him slightly to the left to get his feet as level as possible.

Adjust, sharpeness, unsharp mask using these settings

Position the Polar Bear where you want him, use my tag as a guide.
Add a drop shadow.

Decorate the tag with elements of your choice.
I used Jules-CC_K1_Curl and resized to fit the tag and added a drop shadow.

Add text (I rotated mine) and watermark/licencing info,
Convert all layers to raster layers and add shadow to your text.
I used these settings

Using the selection tool draw out a selection that partly overlaps the frame like this.

Highlight the papers layer in your layer palette and copy,
paste as a new image.
Add a new layer.
Using VDL Adrenaline Snowflakes make your first layer of snow
with settings to your liking.
Add a layer and VDL Snowflakes again clicking random seed once
leaving all other settings the same.
Add a 3rd layer and repeat as above.
You can now delete the paper layer at the bottom so you are
just left with 3 snow layers.

Go back to your tag image and merge the Paper layer, tree and watermark layers.
Copy those layers and paste in Animation Shop as a new animation
Duplicate the frame twice for a total of 3 frames.

Back in PSP highlight layer 1 of your snow image, copy and paste in AS
as a new animation. Highlight layer 2 and paste after current frame, and do the same with layer 3.

You should now have 2 animations in AS.
On each animation click on the first frame and select all
then drag frame 1 of the snow animation and position it carefully on the paper animation.
The other frames will position themselves automatically as long as you selected all.
If you position it wrong undo drag on both and try again.

Back into PSP and close off the tag layers that you already copied into AS.
Click on one of your open layers and copy merged and paste that
into AS as a new animation and duplicate twice so you have 3 frames.
Follow the steps for dragging the snow onto the papers to
drag the new animation on top of the papers and snow animation.

Change your frame speed to a speed you like. I used 35.
Save and you are done!

Reindeer Christmas

Tag created using the cute kit Cool Creatures 3
from Jules Junk available from SCRAPPETIZING
and Vix_ChristmasMask4 available HERE

This Gorgeous kit costs just $1 and thats at regular price!

Open paper Jules-CC_K3_Paper4 duplicate and resize to
520 pixels, promote to a layer.
Open lighter paper of your choice, I used Jules-CC_K3_Paper3
resize by 65% and paste as a new layer over paper 4.

Layers, new mask layer from image and browse for the name of your mask.
I used Vix_ChristmasMask4. Merge the group.

Open Frame Jules-CC_K3_Frame2 and paste as a new layer
Select inside the frame with your magic wand, expand selection by 20.
Invert selection.
Highligh each of the 2 paper layers in turn and hit delete
to remove the excess outside of the frame.
Select your frame layer and add a drop shadow of your choosing.
I used these settings

Add the elements of you choosing.
I used Jules-CC_K3_Tree inside the frame and Jules-CC_K3_Reindeer and
Jules-CC_K3_Present outside the frame, resize as needed and add shadows.

Add your watermark and text using shadows where required,
save as a JPG or as PNG if you want it transparent

Welcome to Ishona's Tut Blog

Well I never thought this would happen lol
but here I am with my very own tut blog.

I have been doing some CT work for some of the 
designers in my store, usually making LOs using
their beautiful kits but I was asked to do something
with some kits that were crying out to be made into tags
and i had so much fun making them I decided to go ahead
and turn them into tuts as well...and here I am!

I can't say how often I'll be making tuts but when
I do I'll be sure to post them here for anyone who wants them

Hugs to all