Monday, 18 October 2010

Immortal Tutorial



Scrapkit used Sacrifice by Dnscraps available HERE    

Supplies needed: Template 333 from Missy available HERE and a font of choice.

I used the awesome artwork from Myka Jelina available from CILM. Remember you need a license to use this artwork.

Open the template and delete text layers. I opened the background layer as I prefer working with a background.
Select Circle 4 – Open sacrificepaper16 and paste onto the template resize 80% x2 then resize 90%. Invert selection and delete excess paper. Delete circle 4 layer and then lower opacity 48%
Repeat with the following layers and papers.                    Circle 2 - sacrificepaper7 resize 80% x2
Rectangle 2 - sacrificepaper10 resize 80%
Close off/delete template layers
Position your tube. I then lowered the opacity on mine to 78% duplicated and then erased her torso, upper arms and head on the top copy to reduce the brightness but to leave the bottom half of the tube more solid so the pattern on the paper didnt show through.

Add elements of choice. Your choice and placement may be different but I used these elements:
sacrificecross6 on the right side of my tag and
sacrificefire3 along with sacrificedoublehearts2 (which I placed under circle3 so only half is visible)

Add drop shadows of choice.

I then added sacrificelovechain, resized, mirrored and positioned, then erased parts of the chain
to give the effect it was wrapped round the tag.

I added sacrificewordart5 resized to fit inside the circle.
Applied Eye candy gradient glow with these settings Image5

Resize your tag if you want as the template is quite big.

Add your copyright info and text and you're done.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Mon Beau Jardin

No tut today but I do have a Layout for you instead.
I created this page using a pretty kit called Mon Beau Jardin
created by Kissed By Pix 

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Athena's Dream Tutorial

I used the beautiful Athena's Dream kit
by Digicats available exclusively HERE

Font used was used akaFrivolity available Here  

Open a new image 600x600. I flood filled white so I could see what I was doing
and then deleted the white layer later to save as a PNG.

Open DCD_AtDr_Frame06 resize 60% and rotate 90 degrees so it is running horizontal
Using your magic wand select inside the frame and then modify, expand 20

Open a paper of choice I used DCD_AtDr_Paper12 resize it and position to suit and paste beneath the frame layer. Invert selection and delete to get rid of the paper outside the frame.

Add drop shadow to the frame to give it some depth.

I then placed DCD_AtDr_Aurora01 below the frame layer and using a large eraser with a
low opacity setting slightly erased its straight edges to give it a softer appearance.

Open DCD_AtDr_Ladder resize, position on the tag so the top strings line up on the frame and the bottom hangs out over the frame edge.

DCD_AtDr_Rainbow01 resize and position so it comes out over the right side of the frame.

add DCD_AtDr_Tree resize by 80% and position just outside the frame on the right side of the tag

Add a tube of your choice or use one of the great posers 
(©Sinful Mindz) included in the kit.
I chose sm_eternal1_3 and positioned it over on the right so it places the
tube in front of the tree.
Between the tube and tree layers I placed DCD_AtDr_Butterflies02 resized 60%.
position best to fit with your tube position.

Place DCD_AtDr_Wildflowers in front of the tube resizing to suit.

Of course you can decorate your tag as you wish but I chose the following elements: DCD_AtDr_Sun
DCD_AtDr_Dove mirrored and rotated
DCD_AtDr_Drops duplicated and erased to give the impression 
it is wrapped round the frame.
DCD_AtDr_Flower Border recolored with a blue shade from the paper.

All elements were given appropriate drop
Add copyright info and text.
Save your tag and you're done :)

Monday, 22 March 2010

Venus Tutorial

Scrap Kit used Venus by Athena Designs available HERE
I also used the awesome artwork of Myka Jelina 
which is available from CILM. Please remember you need 
a license to use this artwork.

Font of choice. I used LD Forget Me Not available HERE
New image 600x600
Open frame of your choice, I chose Athena_Venus_Frame1
Paste as a new layer.
Select inside the frame, expand selection 10
paste paper of your choice as a new layer below the frame layer.
I used Athena_Venus_Paper6
Selections, invert &gt, select paper layer and delete.
Paste your tube layer, resizing as needed.
Copy and paste elements of your choice, resizing to fit your tag
I used:
Add drop shadow of your choice to your tube and element layers.
If you want the feather popping out of the frame like mine
duplicate your frame layer, drag it above the feather layer
and erase all except the part you want over the feather.
Add drop shadow to only the bottom frame layer.
Add copyright information and your watermark.
Add text of choice.
If you don't want to animate you can now
save your tag as a JPG or PNG
To Animate
Merge Visible your main tag layers.
Duplicate this layer twice so you have 3 layers of it.
Select around the flame using lasso tool.
Select the top tag layer
Eye Candy 4000, Fire

These are the settings I used but you can change them to suit.
Close off the top layer and open up the next.
Change only the random seed
Close this layer and open the 3rd changing the random
seed on Eye Candy again.
Opening and closing these animated layers as you go copy merged
each layer over to AS. Paste the first as a new animation and the
rest paste after current frame.
Select all and adjust frame properties to change
the animation speed if you wish.
Save and you are done.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Irish Eyes Tutorial

I used the awesome kit Irish Gold from Digicats (and Dogs)
You can get it HERE 
 and for one week its totally free!!!!
After that it will be available as a PTU kit in the store
I also used the awesome artwork of Walter Girotto
You need a license to use his artwork from MPT
Ok lets gets started!
Open DCD_IG_Frame01
Select inside the frame and expand selection by 10.
Add a new layer beneath the frame layer
Using a paper of choice (I used paper 11)
copy and paste it into the selection.

Add a drop shadow to the frame on its own layer.
I used 4,4,60,12 and repeated -4,-4,60, 12.
Paste your tube as a new layer above the paper, 
resizing if needed. Select inside the frame again,
expand by 10, invert, and delete any
parts of the tube ouside of the frame.
Add drop shadow of choice.
Open DCD_IG_hanging shamrocks
paste as a new layer, resize 50% position and add shadow,
erase anything showing outside of the frame.

Increase canvas size to 1000x1000, we can crop it later.
Add elements of your choice resizing as needed and
dont forget your drop shadows as you go.
I used these elements:
DCD_IG_Pot O Gold 01
Add your text of choice. I typed 'Irish Eyes' using
DJLuck and positioned above the rainbow layer
but below the horse.
Merge visible, add main text and any copyright 
information and save!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Rock Star - Crazeds Creations

I used the awesome kit Rock Star from Crazed's Creations.
You can get it HERE
I also used the awesome artwork of Alayna Magnan
You need a license to use her artwork from MPT
The mask I used is one by Jazzy Designs called 3D Wall
I can't find a link so if anyone knows where to find it please let me know.
Font is Most Wasted available at Da Font.

Ok Lets get started:

Make a new image 500x500. Flood fill White.
Select all and add a new layer.
Paste the paper of your choice into the selection.
I used Crazeds_paper8_RST.
Layers, New Mask layer and apply your mask
and merge the group.
I then duplicated my mask layer to make it more defined
but you might not need to if you use a different mask.

Copy Crazeds_drums1_RST and paste as a
new layer, resize 75%
Copy and paste the tube also resizing 75%.
Position the tube so it covers the front drum.
See my tag for guidance.

Add elements of your choice, resizing and
adding shadows as required.
There are lots to choose from but I used these elements:
Crazeds_tag4_RST and Crazeds_ball1_RST 
both of these I recolored to match the pink from the tube.

Add the text "Rock Star" to the tag and apply the
following cutout in the same color as your text
-20,-20, 78, 100.
Then apply a drop shadow of 2, 2, 40, 2 in white.

Do the same adding the text of your choice to the pink drum.

And that's it, save your tag and you are done.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Funky Love - Time Limited FTU

Supplies needed:
Scrapkit Funky Kind Of Love from Wicked princes Scraps HERE
This is a time limited freebie and is available for one week.
Font I used Knustler Script included with Vista.

Open WP_FKL_BUTTERFLYWIRE copy and paste
onto a new image 700x700, we'll crop later.
WP_FKL_LOVE paste as a new layer, resize 75% and
position so she looks like she is sitting on the frame
Highlight frame layer and free rotate right 10 degrees
so the butterfly isn't in her butt lol.
Open WP_FKL_ROSESCLUSTER and resize 20%
and position on the frame top left.

Open paper of choice
resize 75% twice until it is a little bigger that the frame.
Duplicate paper layer 3 times so you have 4 layers.
Top layer rotate free 45 degrees
Next layer rotate free 90 degrees
Next layer rotate free 135 degrees
Back to your frame layer and click with the magic wand inside the frame
Selections, Modify, Expand by 2
Selections invert
Click delete on each paper layer so the paper is inside the frame only.

Add drop shadows to the frame, doll and Rose Cluster
I used 2,2,60,6

Crop off the excess space around your tag
Add a new layer, bring to the bottom and flood fill white (or color of your choice)
Add your watermark, copyright info and text.

Close off all but the top paper layer, copy merged and paste
into AS as a new animation.
Close off that paper layer, highlight the next and copy merged
paste after current frame.
Continue until you copied over all your layers so you have 4 frames
select all, change frame properties to your liking
I did mine at 40, save and thats it, you are done!