Monday, 18 October 2010

Immortal Tutorial



Scrapkit used Sacrifice by Dnscraps available HERE    

Supplies needed: Template 333 from Missy available HERE and a font of choice.

I used the awesome artwork from Myka Jelina available from CILM. Remember you need a license to use this artwork.

Open the template and delete text layers. I opened the background layer as I prefer working with a background.
Select Circle 4 – Open sacrificepaper16 and paste onto the template resize 80% x2 then resize 90%. Invert selection and delete excess paper. Delete circle 4 layer and then lower opacity 48%
Repeat with the following layers and papers.                    Circle 2 - sacrificepaper7 resize 80% x2
Rectangle 2 - sacrificepaper10 resize 80%
Close off/delete template layers
Position your tube. I then lowered the opacity on mine to 78% duplicated and then erased her torso, upper arms and head on the top copy to reduce the brightness but to leave the bottom half of the tube more solid so the pattern on the paper didnt show through.

Add elements of choice. Your choice and placement may be different but I used these elements:
sacrificecross6 on the right side of my tag and
sacrificefire3 along with sacrificedoublehearts2 (which I placed under circle3 so only half is visible)

Add drop shadows of choice.

I then added sacrificelovechain, resized, mirrored and positioned, then erased parts of the chain
to give the effect it was wrapped round the tag.

I added sacrificewordart5 resized to fit inside the circle.
Applied Eye candy gradient glow with these settings Image5

Resize your tag if you want as the template is quite big.

Add your copyright info and text and you're done.

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