Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Cool Creature

Tag Created using the Cool Creatures 1 Mini Kit
by Jules Junk available at SCRAPPETIZING.
Another great kit available for just $1

Filter needed VDL Adrenaline Snowflakes HERE
although any filter that creates a snow effect will do.

Open Jules-CC_K1_Frame2 Duplicate and close original

Open Jules-CC_K1_Paper4 duplicate - resize 50% and paste as a new layer on frame.
Drag layer below frame. Lower the opacity to around 58.
Add a new layer below the paper layer and floodfill with white.
Merge the paper layer down onto the white layer.

Open Jules-CC_K1_Tree copy - paste as a new layer above paper and below frame.
Resize as needed all layers unchecked.

Add drop shadow of your choice. I used a blur of 27 on this one to add plenty of depth to the tag.

Open Jules-CC_K1_Polar copy and paste as a new layer above frame layer. Reszie 75% twice.

Using the raster deform tool, rotate him slightly to the left to get his feet as level as possible.

Adjust, sharpeness, unsharp mask using these settings

Position the Polar Bear where you want him, use my tag as a guide.
Add a drop shadow.

Decorate the tag with elements of your choice.
I used Jules-CC_K1_Curl and resized to fit the tag and added a drop shadow.

Add text (I rotated mine) and watermark/licencing info,
Convert all layers to raster layers and add shadow to your text.
I used these settings

Using the selection tool draw out a selection that partly overlaps the frame like this.

Highlight the papers layer in your layer palette and copy,
paste as a new image.
Add a new layer.
Using VDL Adrenaline Snowflakes make your first layer of snow
with settings to your liking.
Add a layer and VDL Snowflakes again clicking random seed once
leaving all other settings the same.
Add a 3rd layer and repeat as above.
You can now delete the paper layer at the bottom so you are
just left with 3 snow layers.

Go back to your tag image and merge the Paper layer, tree and watermark layers.
Copy those layers and paste in Animation Shop as a new animation
Duplicate the frame twice for a total of 3 frames.

Back in PSP highlight layer 1 of your snow image, copy and paste in AS
as a new animation. Highlight layer 2 and paste after current frame, and do the same with layer 3.

You should now have 2 animations in AS.
On each animation click on the first frame and select all
then drag frame 1 of the snow animation and position it carefully on the paper animation.
The other frames will position themselves automatically as long as you selected all.
If you position it wrong undo drag on both and try again.

Back into PSP and close off the tag layers that you already copied into AS.
Click on one of your open layers and copy merged and paste that
into AS as a new animation and duplicate twice so you have 3 frames.
Follow the steps for dragging the snow onto the papers to
drag the new animation on top of the papers and snow animation.

Change your frame speed to a speed you like. I used 35.
Save and you are done!

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