Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Kit used Cool Creatures Mini Kit 2 made by Jules Junk
available at SCRAPPETIZING
This great little kit costs just $1

Bling of choice. Mine came through a share group, if it is
yours please let me know so that I can credit you properly.

Open Jules-CC_K2_Frame2 duplicate and close the original
With the magic wand select inside the frame then expand the selection by 18
so that it lines up with the mid point of the frame.
Open a paper of your choice. I used Jules-CC_K2Paper2
Copy, paste as a new layer and drag below the frame layer.
Invert the selection and click delete on your keyboard so
the remaining paper fills the frame.

Open Jules-CC_K2_Tree and paste as a new layer beneath the frame.
Jules-CC_K2_Sammy and paste as a new layer also beneath the frame layer.
For positioning see my example.

Add drop shadows of your choosing to the elements.

Add your watermark/licencing info and your
text layer adding shadows as needed.

Close all layers except the paper layer and copy merged
paste into AS as a new animation.
Open your bling in AS

Duplicate the paper so it has the same number of frames as your bling.
Click on the first frame of each animation and select all
then drag the bling onto your paper positioning as required.

In PSP close off the paper layer and copy merged all the other layers
Paste into AS a new animation and duplicate so you have the
correct number of frames again. Click on frame 1, select all
and then drag onto your paper and bling animation taking care to
line it up correctly.

Save animation and you are done!

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