Sunday, 27 December 2009

Holding The Future

I used the scrapkit Gold Christmas Joy 
from Pspgirl available from Scrappetizing
I also used the beautiful artwork of Unholy Vault
You need a license to use this tube available from MPT 
Font used is Mr Lackboughs
Mask is Artmama Mask 08 available HERE

Open a new image 600x600, flood fill white
Open Pspgirl_GoldChristmasJoy_Paper12
duplicate and resize to 75%, paste as a new layer
Layers new mask layer from image making sure invert is checked.
Merge group then merge visible.
Open Pspgirl_GoldChristmasJoy_Element21 and position
at the top of the tag, duplicate, flip, merge down.
Duplicate and rotate 90 degrees, merge down 
and add a drop shadow.
Pspgirl_GoldChristmasJoy_Element51, paste as a new layer.
Add a small drop shadow.
resize 50% twice and sharpen.
resize 50% twice and sharpen and flip.
Add drop shadows and position using my tag as a guide.
Paste your tube and add a drop shadow.
Add any copyright information and your watermark.
Add text and position as desired.
Locate the layer for Pspgirl_GoldChristmasJoy_Element51
Mine was layer 3 and duplicate twice
Select the top one of these layers Add noise Gaussian, Monochrome, 30%
Next layer repeat noise at 40%
New layer repeat noise at 50%
Close off 2 of these duplicated layers leaving the top one open
copy merged and paste into AS as a new animation
Close that layer, open the next and copy merged, pasting after current frame
Repeat for the bottom noise layer.
Check your animation and if you are happy save your tag!

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