Monday, 11 January 2010

Funky Love - Time Limited FTU

Supplies needed:
Scrapkit Funky Kind Of Love from Wicked princes Scraps HERE
This is a time limited freebie and is available for one week.
Font I used Knustler Script included with Vista.

Open WP_FKL_BUTTERFLYWIRE copy and paste
onto a new image 700x700, we'll crop later.
WP_FKL_LOVE paste as a new layer, resize 75% and
position so she looks like she is sitting on the frame
Highlight frame layer and free rotate right 10 degrees
so the butterfly isn't in her butt lol.
Open WP_FKL_ROSESCLUSTER and resize 20%
and position on the frame top left.

Open paper of choice
resize 75% twice until it is a little bigger that the frame.
Duplicate paper layer 3 times so you have 4 layers.
Top layer rotate free 45 degrees
Next layer rotate free 90 degrees
Next layer rotate free 135 degrees
Back to your frame layer and click with the magic wand inside the frame
Selections, Modify, Expand by 2
Selections invert
Click delete on each paper layer so the paper is inside the frame only.

Add drop shadows to the frame, doll and Rose Cluster
I used 2,2,60,6

Crop off the excess space around your tag
Add a new layer, bring to the bottom and flood fill white (or color of your choice)
Add your watermark, copyright info and text.

Close off all but the top paper layer, copy merged and paste
into AS as a new animation.
Close off that paper layer, highlight the next and copy merged
paste after current frame.
Continue until you copied over all your layers so you have 4 frames
select all, change frame properties to your liking
I did mine at 40, save and thats it, you are done!

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