Sunday, 14 March 2010

Irish Eyes Tutorial

I used the awesome kit Irish Gold from Digicats (and Dogs)
You can get it HERE 
 and for one week its totally free!!!!
After that it will be available as a PTU kit in the store
I also used the awesome artwork of Walter Girotto
You need a license to use his artwork from MPT
Ok lets gets started!
Open DCD_IG_Frame01
Select inside the frame and expand selection by 10.
Add a new layer beneath the frame layer
Using a paper of choice (I used paper 11)
copy and paste it into the selection.

Add a drop shadow to the frame on its own layer.
I used 4,4,60,12 and repeated -4,-4,60, 12.
Paste your tube as a new layer above the paper, 
resizing if needed. Select inside the frame again,
expand by 10, invert, and delete any
parts of the tube ouside of the frame.
Add drop shadow of choice.
Open DCD_IG_hanging shamrocks
paste as a new layer, resize 50% position and add shadow,
erase anything showing outside of the frame.

Increase canvas size to 1000x1000, we can crop it later.
Add elements of your choice resizing as needed and
dont forget your drop shadows as you go.
I used these elements:
DCD_IG_Pot O Gold 01
Add your text of choice. I typed 'Irish Eyes' using
DJLuck and positioned above the rainbow layer
but below the horse.
Merge visible, add main text and any copyright 
information and save!

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