Monday, 22 March 2010

Venus Tutorial

Scrap Kit used Venus by Athena Designs available HERE
I also used the awesome artwork of Myka Jelina 
which is available from CILM. Please remember you need 
a license to use this artwork.

Font of choice. I used LD Forget Me Not available HERE
New image 600x600
Open frame of your choice, I chose Athena_Venus_Frame1
Paste as a new layer.
Select inside the frame, expand selection 10
paste paper of your choice as a new layer below the frame layer.
I used Athena_Venus_Paper6
Selections, invert &gt, select paper layer and delete.
Paste your tube layer, resizing as needed.
Copy and paste elements of your choice, resizing to fit your tag
I used:
Add drop shadow of your choice to your tube and element layers.
If you want the feather popping out of the frame like mine
duplicate your frame layer, drag it above the feather layer
and erase all except the part you want over the feather.
Add drop shadow to only the bottom frame layer.
Add copyright information and your watermark.
Add text of choice.
If you don't want to animate you can now
save your tag as a JPG or PNG
To Animate
Merge Visible your main tag layers.
Duplicate this layer twice so you have 3 layers of it.
Select around the flame using lasso tool.
Select the top tag layer
Eye Candy 4000, Fire

These are the settings I used but you can change them to suit.
Close off the top layer and open up the next.
Change only the random seed
Close this layer and open the 3rd changing the random
seed on Eye Candy again.
Opening and closing these animated layers as you go copy merged
each layer over to AS. Paste the first as a new animation and the
rest paste after current frame.
Select all and adjust frame properties to change
the animation speed if you wish.
Save and you are done.

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